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Computer Science Master of Engineering

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As the world becomes increasingly digitised, choosing to study computer science is setting yourself up for success when it comes to entering the job market. Whether you’re interested in building complex IT systems for a global organisation, designing next level games, or being at the forefront of Web3 development; with an MEng Computer Science degree from Gisma, your possibilities are limitless.

This application-oriented engineering computer science postgraduate programme will equip you with in-depth skills and knowledge in the application of algorithms, programming, and machine learning in the context of real-world business problems. A key component of the computer science degree is the concept of computational thinking.

As a student at Gisma University of Applied Sciences, you will be taught how to use abstraction and decomposition to tackle large complex tasks, design large complex systems, and analyse large data sets. These are invaluable skills in the computer science engineering field and will help you refine your professional skills and stand out from the competition. Additionally, by gaining an engineering masters in Germany you will have access to a huge selection of booming industries where your postgraduation skills will be in high demand.

By combining additional skills such project and innovation management and technology consulting, along with the foundation of Computer Science Engineering, you will have all the attributes required to excel in this field. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to complete demanding specialist and management tasks in information technology and complementary fields. By studying a MEng Computer Science degree at Gisma, you will be fully prepared to secure a technology-focused job in the future. Learn the technical skills and digital capabilities required to succeed in an ever-expanding field.

What you will learn

Our Master of Engineering (MEng) Computer Science degree is a dynamic and specialised programme that covers all the key areas of this in-demand subject. Topics you will study include innovation and project management, technology consulting, advanced programming and machine learning. Our Computer Science Application Lab allows you to turn the knowledge you’ve gained into very practical solutions for the real world. With the help of Gismas professors, all of whom have a great deal of professional and academic experience, you will graduate with the knowledge, skills, and practical experience to carve your path in the computer science field.

Accreditations and rankings

Gisma is a state recognised University of Applied Sciences which benefits from AMBA accreditation, which was awarded for our Global MBA. AMBA accreditation is an honour shared by only six business schools in Germany and 2% of all business schools worldwide. The prestigious accreditation represents innovation and excellence in education, which is one of our core values at Gisma.

How you will study

Gisma supports flexible and individual learning by applying a systematic state-of-the art hybrid learning scheme. You will be based at our flagship Potsdam Campus, complemented by e-learning sessions. You will work on cases, reflect on readings, take part in online discussions, and participate in group exercises and projects. This variety of learning methods is part of our unique teaching strategy, which includes student-centred pedagogy, project-based learning, collaborative learning and personalised coaching.

The course is available to study both full-time and part-time. The standard period of study is two years full-time, part-time correspondingly longer. Talk to our study advisors to find out whether your previous learning outcomes or relevant work experience make you eligible to shorten the study period to one or one and a half years.

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The course is available to study both full-time and part-time. The standard period of study is two years full-time, part-time correspondingly longer. If you have the relevant academic or professional experience, you could be eligible to shorten the study period to one, or one and a half years. Talk to our programme consultants to find out whether this is the case for you.

The programme is modularised, which means each module is assigned a fixed number of credit points and concludes with an examination. For this programme, the total workload for the courses is 60, 90 or 120 ECTS credits, depending on the study period you select or are eligible for.

In the 2-year format (120 ECTS credits), the curriculum includes a ‘mobility window’ in the 5th semester: a semester reserved for you to study abroad, undertake an internship, or complete a business project in practice.

Students starting online will have the option to complete the programme on-campus in Germany seamlessly.


Subject Specific Competencies

Business Technology Consulting
Advanced Mathematics
Computer Programming
Advanced Algorithms
Advanced Programming
Advanced Databases
Machine Learning
Computer Science Application Lab
Business Project in Computer Science
General Business Competencies

Project Management
Innovation Management and Digital Transformation
CSR, ESG and Ethics
Action and Intercultural Competencies

Ethical Issues for AI
Study abroad or Internship or Business Project
Scientific and Methods Competence

Scientific Work for Computer Science
Research Seminar
Master Thesis

Карьерные возможности

Computer technologies are integral to modern day life and essential to nearly all modern businesses. Today, we see advanced movements towards some form of digitisation in all aspects of life. As a computational engineering graduate, you will be in high demand across many industries, including IT, software engineering, information technology, web design, and more.

After studying a master’s in computer science, potential graduate opportunities include:

App or games developer
Web developer
Information systems manager
IT consultant
Multimedia programmer
Network engineer
Software developer
As a student at Gisma, you will be supported by our Career Centre, who provide coaching sessions to improve your soft skills, such as CV writing, interview preparation and interpersonal skills. They will also host career days, where local, national, and global organisations interview Gisma students for internships, graduate, and leadership positions.

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